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Photography: Jakob Rosseel

A Sensitive case is a two part project that intertwines mousetrap sculpting with a circus show about the search through an enclosed 3-4m world made out of vulnerable (mouse)trap architectures.

1   A Sensitive Case: The Full Length Show


This show is set in a 3-4m space filled with fragile mousetraps architectures. In this vulnerable closed off world a human measures and traces every form and shape inside. Handstands, tight enclosures, balanced movement and a lot of challenges are the result of this. This exploration passes through a lot of unpredictability and fragile encounters. The audience participates in surrounding this world by setting up a barrier made out of their shoes and watches how this shared moment unfolds in front of them.

The set-up of this architecture of traps is open for everyone to enjoy as a first encounter with this universe (this can be viewed as a live building performance). After this ‘zen garden‘ is installed the show goes on a search through this precisely set-up world to uncover what hides inside.

Duration  45 minutes
Venue  Indoor & On location (in negotiation)
Audience  age 7+ recommended
Artistic disciplines  Handstand, mousetrap manipulation, dance & theatre

This is a Non Spoken performance

2   A Sensitive Case: A Mousetrap Sculpting Live Performance

Sculpture Banner

Since 2018 this project has gained a specific style of sculpting with mousetraps. Constructing curves, towers & more organic shapes with this material. It purely relies on hooking and trapping (no glue or nails) together with a technique that comes from the art of stone stacking.

This live building marathon session of 2 – 9 hours has developed over time and has expanded to higher, more delicate and fragile forms. During the period I sculpt different shapes that challenge myself and push the previously made forms further. The slow process of building, collapsing & traps that suddenly snap is open to everyone to observe however they see fit.

This live experiment is filmed with a frame lapse camera. The results in a short sped up image that shows the rise and fall of all things made that day.

Duration  2h – 9h
Venue  Indoors & On location
Audience  All audiences
Artistic discipline mousetrap sculpting within a specific time frame

This is a Non Spoken performance

Concept, Creation & Performance  Bert Vanden Berghe

Dramaturgical support Roberto Magro, Geert Belpaeme & Jamy Hollebeke

Other exterior Eyes  Aurelia Brailowsky, Christelle Dubois, Lien Vanbossele

Light & Sound Jamy Hollebeke & Wout Clarysse

Costume Bea Pensesini & Pauline Gaeremynck

Production Vzw Toes Up
Co-Production PERPLX

Support in creation & development from UP – Circus & Performing Arts, Miramiro  & Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles

Support from Latitude 50, UP – Circus & Performing Arts, Circuscentrum, De Vlaamse overheid, Cirklabo, Quai 41, Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles, De Grote Post, Miramiro, Zomer van Antwerpen & Circusplaneet