A Departure from Thought is a piece that shows a universe that listens to a different sound. In it handstand and movement are combined to paint a general picture of times, beings and places in this universe. The piece grew out of an exploration with Aurelia Brailowsky based on the principals of Butoh. Later, the experience outside of human beings formed the base together with the intention of  using as little rational thinking or collective memory as possible. 

This shared moment with the audience is a personal impression of a universe where the sky turns in a slightly different way.

This later forms the base of the work Extricate, made with Tomas Vanderplaetse.

Duration  12 minutes
Venue  Outdoor, Tent & Theatre
Audience  All audiences
Artistic disciplines  Handstand, dance, physical theatre

Concept, Creation & Performance  Bert Vanden Berghe
Outside Eye Aurelia Brailowsky, Alain Platel & Lisi Estaras
Support from  Circusplaneet & Danspunt