Since 2018 this project has gained a specific style of sculpting with mousetraps. Constructing curves, towers & more organic shapes with this material. It purely relies on hooking and trapping (no glue or nails) together with a technique that comes from the art of stone stacking.

This live building marathon session of 3 – 8 hours has developed over time and has expanded to higher, more delicate and fragile forms. During the period Bert sculpts different shapes that challenge and push the previously made forms further. The slow process of building, collapsing and traps that suddenly snap is open to everyone to observe however they see fit. This live experiment is filmed with a frame lapse camera. The results in a short sped up image that shows the rise and fall of all things made that day.

Duration  3h – 8h
Venue  Indoors & On location
Audience  All audiences
Artistic discipline mousetrap sculpting within a specific time frame

This is a Non Spoken performance