In A SENSITIVE CASE fragile mousetrap sculpting meets very precise acrobatic puzzle work. Behind the shoes of the audience a city made out of over 500 mousetraps is waiting. Chain reactions, flying bait & precise handstand positions bring us into a journey to find what is hidden inside.

This show takes place in an isolated universe where the mousetrap is at the centre of everything. In this vulnerable closed off world somebody measures and traces every form and shape inside. Handstands, tight enclosures, balanced movement and a lot of challenges are the result of this. This exploration passes through a lot of unpredicted and exiting encounters. The audience participates in surrounding this world by setting up a barrier made out of their shoes and watches how this journey unfolds in a surprising way.


Artistic disciplines Mousetrap manipulation, Handstands, Object theatre & Dance
Duration 45 min
Venue Indoor & Site Specific (stage lights recommended)
Audience Age +9 50 – 200 people max.

Concept, Creation & Performance  Bert Vanden Berghe
Dramaturgical support Roberto Magro, Geert Belpaeme & Jamy Hollebeke
Other exterior Eyes  Aurelia Brailowsky, Christelle Dubois, Lien Vanbossele
Light & Sound Jamy Hollebeke & Wout Clarysse
Costume Bea Pensesini & Pauline Gaeremynck

Production Vzw Toes Up
Co-Production PERPLX

Support in creation & development from UP – Circus & Performing Arts, Miramiro  & Maison
des Cultures de Saint Gilles

Residencies at Latitude 50, UP – Circus & Performing Arts Circuscentrum, De Vlaamse overheid, Cirklabo, Quai 41, Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles, De Grote Post, Miramiro, Zomer van Antwerpen &  Circusplaneet

Photography: Arthur Vanobost (1 & 3) & Tom Herbots (2)