A Sensitive case is an umbrella project for 3 different branches that intertwine to influence and inspire each other. To see a more detailed view of this project take a look at the Photo Journal



1   A sensitive enclosing performance

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This show is a mix of mousetraps, handstands, enclosure, dance and challenges. It is and exploration that provokes and limits the artist in his own game. The audience participates with ‘fixing’ and ‘releasing’ the stage. The game played together makes you feel playfulness & consequences, catching & (not) getting caught and the instinct of the animals we are.

This show contains mouse- and rattraps that catapult subjects, chain reactions, caught fingers, red fruits, an arena and us (me and you).

Duration  40 minutes
Venue  Outdoor, Tent & Theatre
Audience  All audiences
Artistic disciplines  Handstand, mousetrap manipulation, dance & theatre


2   A gallery of mousetrap sculptures

Sculpture Banner

Over the 2.5 years this project has been growing a specific style of sculpting with mousetraps has presented itself. Constructing forms with this material relies on hooking and trapping but also on the technique that imitates the art of stone stacking.

This growing gallery began as a block tower building test, but now focuses on recreating specific forms related to the subject of the human animal.

The gallery and the installation of it leans on the base of Circus Arts, which is proposing a challenge. The challenge of this installation is that within a predetermined time frame and without getting hurt a series of sculptures need to be created without any of them collapsing.

Duration  –
Venue  Ideally indoors
Audience  All audiences
Artistic discipline mousetrap sculpting within a specific time frame


3   A human experiment of one day

1 Square 1 Day Banner

This is an ongoing experiment called 1 Square 1 Day. The goals of the experiment is spending one whole day with nothing else than a square of 160 traps. What I do with the traps and what happens is completely up to that day. The only obligation is that I stay in the same room as the traps and that this starts and ends in its original shape (a square of 40 by 40 traps).

This live experiment is filmed with in frame lapse photography. This results in a 3 minute video for every ‘1 Square 1 Days’-session.

Duration 24 hours  (15 hours awake)
Venue  Indoors
Audience  All audiences
Artistic discipline broad variety (focus on building & playing with mousetraps)




Concept, Creation & Performance  Bert Vanden Berghe

Exterior Eyes  Aurelia Brailowsky, Christelle Dubois, Lien Vanbossele, Roberto Magro & Geert Belpame

Support from  Circusplaneet, Latitude 50 – Pôle des arts du cirque et de la rue, Espace Catastrophe – Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque, Circuscentrum – Vlaams Centrum voor Circuskunsten, De Vlaamse overheid, Nest – new established state of temporality, Le Lido – Centre Des Arts Du Cirque, Maison des Cultures de Saint Gilles, Quai 41