Hi, I’m Bert

I’m a Circus artist.

I work with the human animal, searching challenging circumstances, entanglement and the unexpected as subjects. I studied at the Ecole de Cique de Bruxelles and the Circus- and Theatre school CAU in Granada. Since 2016 I continued training and creating in Toulouse at the Lido, Centre des arts du Cirque and La Grainerie. Here I work on a broader definition of hand balancing. With over 6 years of experience I have created a specific language in this art form that mixes physical theatre, dance and hand balancing.

Parallel to this, I work on a project called A Sensitive Case which contains mousetrap sculptures, a mousetrap-house and a show that about instinct, playfulness and the human animal in several formats.

Take a look around to get more information on my activities.

A full cv will be sent on request.





PS: I like getting my hands dirty.