Green house Project 2 by Circusögraphy

I’m Bert Berg, A Circus artist.

I work with the human animal. I work with challenging circumstances and ‘the unexpected’ as partners.

I studied at the ECB, Ecole de Cirque de Bruxelles and the Circus- and Theatre school CAU, Centro de Artes Urbanas in Granada. Since 2016 I continued training hand balancing and creating at the LIDO, Centre des arts du Cirque and La Grainerie in Toulouse. In fall of 2018, I took the specialisation course handstand at DOCH, University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm to shape up my hand balancing technique. I work on a broader definition of hand balancing. With this I’m creating a personal language in this art form that mixes itself with physical theatre & dance.

Currently I’m playing with a two piece called A Sensitive Case & A Sensitive Build which contains mousetrap sculptures & careful hand balancing. Next to that Tomas Vanderplaetse and I are working on a site-specific collaboration under the name of Extricate.

See you soon,


Download: CV Bert Berg